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The desire to have a product manufactured with both precision and time efficiency is in high demand. Our facility is equipped to handle such demands and complete a multitude of operations in house. Whether its a complex design, or mass part quantity, our CNC department is dedicated to meeting your requirements for both time and quality. From big to small and in between our extensive machine capacity is equipped to manufacture all types of industrial equipment, prototype components, exotic metals, and intricate surfaces. Kiefer Tool specializes in large part machining and custom hydraulic cylinder manufacturing.  Kiefer Tool and Mold of Cleveland, Ohio is a custom CNC machine shop that offers precision CNC machining, large CNC machining, CNC milling, CNC turning and drilling services for low, medium and high volume production as well as prototype CNC machined parts. Kiefer Tool machinists are experts at CNC turning and milling of large parts.

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Operations Equipment List

The following list is the equipment and their capacities that we would use to complete any boring and milling operations.

5″ Spindle with 120” of horizontal travel and 96” vertical travel

4” Spindle with 40” of horizontal travel and 40” of vertical travel

30″ x 50″ of table travel x 30″ Height with 4th axis machining capabilities.

20”x 40″ of table travel and 20” of vertical travel

20″ diameter swing x 10″ diameter over the carriage x 80″ between centers.

32″ diameter swing x 20″ diameter over the carriage x 192″ between centers.

24″ diameter swing x 14″ diameter over the carriage x 60″ between the centers.

20″ diameter swing x 10″ diameter over the carriage x 30″ between the centers