• Custom Machining and Equipment Repair for over 50 Years


Hydraulic cylinder and forging press component machining, fabricating, repair and assembly projects completed by Kiefer Tool and Mold.  Kiefer Tool provides manufacturing companies with hydraulic press repair, hydraulic press maintenance, on-site inspections, on-site repairs, technical support and field services.  We provide on-site field inspections for many types of industrial manufacturing equipment and machinery.  Rates start at $100. per hour.

Hydraulic Press Mold Box and Die Assembly

750 Ton Forging Press Mold Box Assembly reconditioned.

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950 Ton Hydraulic Cylinder Repair

Fully assembled 950 ton Hydraulic Cylinder after repair machining was done at expedited service.

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30,000 Lb. Tow Motor Manipulator

Completely manufactured in house this is manipulating arm is capable of lifting 30,000 lbs. 20 ft. from the mounting face.

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Precision Machined Copper Electrode

Machined to have 1 pitch Whitworth thread for a large Induction Furnace.

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