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Our 36,000 sq ft facility has a diverse selection of equipment dedicated to manufacturing products from start to finish for manufacturing firms in the United States. If your design requires holding tight tolerances, smooth surface finishes or contains complex geometrical features; we have the machines to make it happen. With both manual and precision CNC equipment our capabilities allow us to complete a wide variety large precision machining of manufacturing processes to meet design specifications.  Our processes to remove material [ferrous metals, bronze, aluminum, titanium, stainless steels] from a work piece [shafts, bushings, gears] include milling, turning,  grinding and honing, if your design requires a tolerance of +/-0.001 or holding straightness over a long distance, we can meet your specifications.  Kiefer Tool specializes in large part machining and custom hydraulic cylinder manufacturing.  Kiefer Tool and Mold of Cleveland, OH is a custom manufacturer and contract precision machining company specializing in high quality precision machining, surfacing, CNC milling, CNC grinding and CNC turning services to produce machined components, component assemblies and instruments. Our services in the United States expand from manufacturing firms to power generation facilities and aviation industry suppliers as well.

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Machining a Custom Bronze Nut for Cleveland Valve and Gauge

Operations Equipment List

The following is a list of equipment used for precision machining, for a full list of equipment check our other machining pages for complete capacity details.

2 Horizontal Machining Centers with 120″ long x 96″ height of travel, 3 Vertical Machining Centers with 4 axis capabilities, 4 Lathes with turning capabilities up to 32″ in diameter and 192″ long.

With 7 different grinders we are capable of finishing a variety of different components and metals both ferrous and non-ferrous. Surface grinding up to 88″ in diameter, O.D. & I.D. grinding up to 20″ in diameter by 97″ long.

For bores that require a 16 RMA surface finish or better our honing capabilities include all sizes up to 40″ in diameter by 48″ long.

For machining custom key ways or grooves with precise specifications our facility is equipped with shapers and key seaters capable of holding a tolerance of 0.001″ straightness in 36″ of length.