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Reverse Engineering Services at Kiefer Tool & Mold

In the manufacturing industry some equipment or machines can become disenfranchised or have design flaws that are not initially apparent. Part of the services that we provide at Kiefer Tool & Mold is the reverse engineering [also called back engineering] of components for equipment or machines when documentation is no longer available or design flaws arise. Our staff of engineers, machinists and millwrights have over 50 years of experience in the field of manufacturing equipment repair and will be able to provide assistance in getting your machine back up and running. We provide a full inspection and documentation of the component along with material suggestions, assembly processes, machining, welding and fabricating. Our in house material stock can also provide a quick turn around time for expedited repairs or remanufacturing of components.  Kiefer Tool services include the reverse engineering of machine parts, manufacturing and industrial equipment components including replacement parts, tooling, dies, cylinders, bolster plates, gibs and more. This is performed so that we can replace parts and components that are no longer available or that need to be reinstalled right away.

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  • Services to Reverse Engineer Machine Parts, Prototype Parts and Replacement Parts for Production and Manufacturing Equipment Range in Price from $75.00 to $150.00 per hour. Click Here for More Information on our Reverse Engineering Rates.


The following is a list of services we provide for reverse engineering manufacturing equipment or industrial machines. For a complete list of our equipment capacity please check out our machining capabilities here or our welding and fabricating capabilities here.

Head Engineer John Kiefer Jr. is highly experienced in the repair and reconditioning of many manufacturing equipment and industrial machines. John specializes in material sciences and structural engineering design and with over 50 years as a professional engineer he has been exposed to many different machines and repair methods.

Bore Gauges, Gauge Blocks, Micrometers (OD & ID), and Height Gauges are all ISO 9001 certified and capable of measuring sizes of all components we are able to manufacturing in house.

Whether your part is in need of redesign or retrofitting, we can provide updated drawings from the changes made to your part.