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Kiefer Tool and Mold rebuilds, repairs and refurbishes machine tools, forming presses, machine presses and related components and parts. We work on hydraulic presses, pneumatic and mechanical presses and machines.  One of our specialties is repairing and rebuilding hydraulic presses and hydraulic cylinders.  Components we repair include cylinders, bolster plates, gibs, platens, dies, tierods and guide bushings.  Kiefer Tool & Mold has years of experience in reconditioning and manufacturing of presses and press components. Our staff is capable of discerning whether a repair or new product is necessary to get your press back up and running. All products are machined and inspected to meet OEM requirements and prepared for immediate installation upon receipt of a completion. Our facility is equipped with a full service machine shop, welding and fabricating services all in house. To learn about the types of equipment used to repair hydraulic and mechanical presses and components, click here.

Types of presses we service are Hydraulic, Mechanical/ Power, Forging presses, Press Brakes, Form Presses, Stamping Presses Punch Presses & Steam Hammers.

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  • Press and component repair services range in cost from $90.00 to $150.00 per hour. Click Here for more information on repair and machining prices.


The following are a few areas that we service in the Manufacturing, Reconditioning, & Retro Fitting of presses.

Both newly manufactured and repaired, we have the capabilities to machine cylinder tubes, piston & rod assemblies, gland and guide bushing assemblies of many sizes and pressure requirements. All items are assembled and tested in house prior to shipping and can either be replicated from an existing component (with completed inspection & drawing) or from a drawing provided from press documentation.

With our diverse set of machining equipment we are capable of manufacturing, reconditioning, or retrofitting all kinds of platens & bolster plates. Resurfacing, T Slot cutting, and fixture fabrication & machining are some of the services we provide to complete your machine requirements.

From solid blocks of steel to final product, our shop is capable of manufacturing Manifold Blocks & Valve assemblies of various sizes. We also offer reconditioning & retro fitting when seats and other sealing surfaces fail or wear out from years of service.

Whether you are creating a new product or re purposing an old machine, we are capable of manufacturing your die and mold assemblies for your presses. Whether its complex geometrical surfaces or a demand to withstand high forces, we can manufacture a product that will be ready to install upon completion.

Guiding surfaces can be the most important part of keeping your machine running at optimum efficiency. Our equipment and staff are prepared to either manufacture new or reconditioned Gibs and Bushings of various designs & materials.