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Overview Of Machining Services We Perform For Manufacturing and Industrial Customers In The United States

Kiefer Tool provides high quality custom precision and CNC machining services to manufacturing and industrial firms in the U.S. Rates start at $100 per hour. Our engineers, machinists, mechanics and technicians are experts at boring, milling, CNC turning, grinding, welding operations, steel fabrication, machine assembly, replacement part installation, industrial equipment disassembly. We fix stuff and make things for mid-to-large scale companies that convert raw materials, components, or parts into finished goods. Our company was a key contributor to the $100 million project to repair Alcoa’s 50,000 ton forging press. On occasion, we do machining work for small “mom and pop” manufacturing businesses.  In 2018, our machinists and engineers started working with Ohio City Pasta to repair and maintain their pasta making machines and their kitchen production equipment. That We continue to help During the first part of 2019, We machine new and replacement parts manufacturing firms throughout the continental United States. We also build brand new custom hydraulic presses and custom hydraulic cylinders for light and heavy industry firms in the industrial sector.

About Kiefer Tool’s Machining Services

Kiefer Tool and Mold Inc. of Cleveland Ohio is a large capacity machine shop that provides machining services for new custom machine parts, industrial equipment replacement parts or manufacturing equipment repairs.  Our 36,000 sq ft facility is outfitted with a wide variety of equipment and machines to manufacture and repair industrial machines, manufacturing equipment and machine components in both large quantity and large capacity. Kiefer Tool specializes in large part machining and custom hydraulic cylinder manufacturing. One of our specialties is repairing and rebuilding hydraulic presses and hydraulic cylinders. Kiefer Tool also specializes in manufacturing, machining and repairing components of stamping presses such as bolster plates (large blocks of metal) which are attached on top of stamping press beds. For more information on the design and function of a bolster plate (or bed), click here.

Large Lathe Machining Services For U.S. Manufacturing Businesses And Heavy Industry Firms

Kiefer Tool does large lathe machining and metalworking for manufacturing companies that are located throughout the lower 48 states. Most of the large lathe machining work performed by Kiefer Tool is done for firms located in the “Rust Belt“. Our machinists do heavy duty lathe work, such as cutting and turning enormous workpieces, using large capacity Monarch lathes, industrial CNC lathes and manual South Bend lathes. We hold extremely tight tolerances when we machine long parts and large diameter industrial components. Our machinists are experts at machining and milling really hard metals and alloys precisely. Kiefer Tool’s large capacity machine shop is outfitted with various multi-spindle lathes, center lathes, Baileigh Industrial lathes, CNC turning centers, turret lathes, Bridgeport toolroom and metalworking lathes, Bolton bench top lathes and Swiss-style lathes.

On-Site Repairs, Inspections And Maintenance Of Manufacturing Equipment, Production Machines And Hydraulic Presses For U.S. Customers

Kiefer Tool provides manufacturing companies with hydraulic press repair, hydraulic press maintenance, on-site inspections, on-site repairs, technical support and field services.  We provide on-site field inspections for many types of industrial manufacturing equipment and machinery.  Rates start at $100. per hour.

Materials, Steels, Alloys And Metals Machined At Kiefer Tool

Materials that we service include low carbon steels, alloy steels, aluminum, bronze, brass, copper, titanium and other various ferrous and non ferrous metals. Tools and equipment machining services include horizontal boring and milling; vertical boring and turning; surface, OD/ID grinding, keying and gear teeth cutting, CNC machining and precision machining. With over 50 years of experience in manufacturing and repairing industrial products our machining company specializes in creating a quality product that is both time and cost efficient. For information on the equipment used for machining and fabricating large/heavy parts, workpieces and manufacturing/industrial equipment components, click here.

Who We Serve And Where

Kiefer Tool provides large part machining services, primarily to medium to large scale manufacturing companies, although we also enjoy working with small family owned manufacturing businesses. Our engineers, machinists and mechanics spend most of their time repairing, rebuilding, maintaining, machining, manufacturing, fabricating, delivering and assembling large parts. Many of our firms operate hydraulic presses, which we repair, rebuild, manufacture and maintain on-site. We have a tendency to turn down offers to quote small part machining projects and normally leave the small stuff to competitors that don’t have a large capacity machine shop like ours. There are thousands of machine shops in the United States but only a handful of exceptional large part machining companies like Kiefer Tool.

While our engineers and mechanics normally machine large parts for customers in the Midwest, Mid-Atlantic, Northeast, Southeast and South Central regions of the United States, we occasionally do work for clients in the Southwest and Northwest. Most of our work comes from companies in the traditional manufacturing hubs such as the Rust Belt (Manufacturing Belt/Steel Belt/Factory Belt).  These areas include Cleveland, Chicago, Buffalo, Milwaukee, Dayton, Gary (IN), Flint (MI) St. Louis, Columbus, Cincinnati, Akron, Toledo, Youngstown, the Pittsburgh-Lake Erie Region, the Detroit Industrial Region, the Lake Michigan Region, the Southern New England Region and the Southern Appalachian Region.  We normally are not competitive on price, compared to local firms, when we quote large part machining services for firms in the West Region, Intermountain West Region and Pacific Coastal Region.  Over the past 5 to 10 years, we have started accepting more large part machining services from firms in new areas of the United States where manufacturing is now thriving in 2019. The new manufacturing markets include Raleigh, the Omaha-Council Bluffs area, the Atlanta-Sandy Springs-Roswell region (GA), the Warren-Troy-Farmington Hills (MI) region, the Albany-Schenectady-Troy (NY) and Louisville.

Kiefer Tool machines industrial parts and custom hydraulic cylinders for industrial sector companies throughout the Midwest, the Middle Atlantic, the Northeast and portions of the Southern United States.  We machine heavy and long parts for manufacturing companies in Cleveland, Columbus, Youngstown, Erie, Toledo, Akron, Cincinnati, Rochester (NY), Fort Wayne, Milwaukee, Pittsburgh, Detroit, Indianapolis, Chicago, Buffalo, Wheeling, St. Louis, Atlanta, Nashville, Knoxville, Lexington, Philadelphia, New York City, Boston, Raleigh, Omaha, Louisville, Albany, Baltimore, Huntsville (AL), Farmington Hills (MI), Minneapolis, Charlotte, Norfolk (VA), Kansas City, Grand Rapids (MI), Memphis and Allentown (PA).

We provide extremely precise, punctual and reliable machining services to industrial operations in Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, West Virginia, Indiana, Michigan, West Virginia, Virginia, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Vermont, Illinois, New Hampshire, Maine, Kentucky, Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, North Carolina, South Carolina, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Tennessee and Kansas. We also have customers in northern Georgia, Alabama, Arkansas and Mississippi.  Because of the prohibitive cost of shipping or transporting large parts and heavy manufacturing equipment components long distances, Kiefer Tool rarely serves heavy industry companies located in the Western portion of the United States or the deep south. Due to the cost of travel, Kiefer Tool engineers and field service technicians don’t normally travel to the Western or Northwestern states to inspect large parts, hydraulic presses or other manufacturing machines.

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