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Large Part Machining Services at Kiefer Tool & Mold

Kiefer Tool & Mold Inc. is a job shop machine shop located in Cleveland Ohio that specializes in large part manufacturing and large capacity machining. The engineers at Kiefer Tool are considered to be some of the best in the large part machining industryCustomers include GE and Eaton. The skills sets of the machinists and equipment needed for large part machining is different than those of a typical job shop that focuses on more conventional sized parts.  With our experienced staff of engineers, mill wrights and machinists we can disassemble, inspect and remanufacture components and complete machines. Large part welding and painting services are completed in-house. Shown below is a video that highlights numerous large part machining and manufacturing processes.

Kiefer Tool machines and delivers large parts and components precisely, quickly and affordably.  From turning large diameters to milling vast surface areas, our facility is equipped to handle a diverse field of large part machining. With both manual and CNC equipment for manufacturing large parts, we can manufacture all shapes and sizes, various alloy steels, and complex geometrical features.  At Kiefer Tool & Mold Inc. we define large part machining to be over 200 lbs. in weight, over 6″ in diameter and greater than 2′ in length or width. Click here to view large part machining pictures. Our large capacity machine shop services include large part machining, large precision machining, heavy part machining, large CNC machining, large diameter machining, long turning capacities, horizontal boring and milling, threading, and keying. Kiefer Tool produces large part prototypes, large parts in small production runs and single highly complex component one-offs. Kiefer Tool is a large part production machine shop and contract manufacturing company that machines power transmission components (shafts, bushings, gears, pulleys, etc.), press frames, platens, hydraulic cylinders, fly wheels, pressure vessels, tanks, flanges, tie rods, and bolster plates, gear blanks, rolling mill components, hydraulic powered machines, aircraft components, mining equipment, railroad equipment, large cast parts, power generation equipment, petroleum and oil drilling equipment, construction equipment, and manufacturing equipment.  Call 216-251-0076 or click here to request large part machining and turnings services and a quote.

We machine bulky and heavy manufacturing equipment parts and big fabrications that are too large for other machine shops to work on because small capacity machine shops don’t have adequately sized work zones, large part machining equipment or machine tools that are appropriate for large-scale parts. The engineers and machinists at Keifer Tool understand how the challenges of shifting workpiece temperature ranges and material stress affect the precise machining and finishing accuracy of large parts and components. Our large capacity machine shop was constructed with large part manufacturing in mind. Kiefer Tool uses jib cranes, gantry cranes and bridge cranes to move large and complex parts.  Kiefer Tool also produces custom large and heavy, fully functional equipment and tool assemblies from ferrous and non-ferrous metals for manufacturing companies and OEMs located throughout the United States.

Our machinists are capable of keeping tight tolerances when manufacturing extra large machined components. Our machining processes include line boring, large part vertical boring, large diameter turning, hydraulic cylinder boring, custom thread turning and grooving. Our vertical turning and milling center, large vertical gantry mills and lathe services are dedicated to large metal part machining, large diameter CNC turning, long turning, large diameter internal turning operations, threading, facing and boring. We can complete rush jobs and we keep tight delivery schedules. Kiefer Tool provides industry leading large part machining capabilities in milling, grinding, boring,  turning and lathe services.


The following are some of the operations and equipment we use to conduct our Large Part Machining services.

With both manual and CNC equipment we are capable of turning, boring, & threading diameters up to 82″ on the outside, and lengths of up to 20′ between the centers.

With both manual and CNC equipment our facility is capable of machining a large amount of surface area to manufacture your parts in need of milling, boring, drilling & tapping.

When your design requires holding tight tolerances or specific surface finishes, our equipment is capable of grinding up to 84″ in diameter and honing bores up to 40″ in diameter.