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How We Repair and Maintain Hydraulic Presses For Manufacturing Companies In The United States

Kiefer Tool and Mold repairs, rebuilds and reconditions worn out and broken down hydraulic presses, cylinders and other components. We custom manufacture and machine replacement hydraulic press parts to get them working again. We use a large capacity machine shop to retrofit and refurbish hydraulic parts, machinery and equipment for manufacturing firms throughout the United States. We work hard, pay attention to detail and get it done as soon as possible. We maintain, re-manufacture and fix broken or poorly performing hydraulic presses. When hydraulic presses go down, productivity is lost. We understand that our customers need quick turn around times, competitive pricing and outstanding customer service.  We specialize in correcting problems and refurbishing many facets of a hydraulic press including its; hydraulic cylinders, columns, bolster plate and platens, gibs and guiding surfaces, manifolds and valving, and sub-assemblies.  Kiefer Tool sells, repairs, rebuilds and replaces hydraulic drive systems, hydraulic control systems, hydraulic electrical systems, hydraulic motors, PC valves, FC valves, DC valves and linear hydraulic motors.  Because Kiefer Tool has the equipment to machine and repair large hydraulic press components, we are able to help repair very large presses, such as the 50,000-ton press at Alcoa. The Kiefer family business has been doing this kind of stuff for 3 generations. You can count on us.

Custom Manufacturing and Machining Of Replacement Parts For Presses

Many active press manufacturing companies sell replacement parts and repair kits that are used, obviously, to repair presses. Conversely, press manufacturing companies that have gone out of business, and there are many, no longer sell replacement parts and press repair kits, of course. Kiefer Tool excels at making exact specification replacement parts for companies that are using presses that are no longer supported by the original OEM.  Kiefer Tool also specializes in manufacturing, machining and repairing components of stamping presses such as bolster plates (large blocks of metal) which are attached on top of stamping press beds. For more information on the design and function of a bolster plate (or bed), click here.

OEM Documentation Is Used To Manufacture And Install Hydraulic and Mechanical Press Replacement Parts Precisely 

Kiefer Tool uses OEM diagrams, engineering drawings, machine drawings, working drawings, technical drawings, orthographic projections (views), process sheets, isometric projections, CAD drawings, weight calculations, digital pictures, books, patent drawings, scale drawings, PDFs, 3D models, assembly drawings, electrical drawings, schematics, and even sketches, to make replacement parts for industrial presses.  When our technicians manufacture and install replacement parts for presses, whenever possible, they refer to engineering documents that detail how specific models of hydraulic, forging and stamping presses work, in order to determine material selections, optimal machining processes, finishes, geometrical requirements, tolerancing specifications and coordinate dimensions.  Our engineers and machinists also refer to original press repair/maintenance/operations manuals during machine press component rebuilds, if the manuals are available.  For more information about purchasing replacement parts for presses and acquiring press maintenance manuals, click here.

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Why Hydraulic Presses Need To Be Repaired and Rebuilt

Years of service, heavy use and abuse of a machine can cause cracks, leaks and various other failures to occur with a hydraulic press and its components causing it to malfunction. We fix hydraulic presses because these machines need constant maintenance. If ram seals are not replaced in a timely fashion, hydraulic or mechanical component repair services may be required. Kiefer Tool rebuilds hydraulic and mechanical presses because the never ending vibration and shock in the press can cause parts to deform, or in some cases, crack or break. Oil and fluid leaks are another reason why parts go bad. Hydraulic cylinders can fail due to aging rod bearings or weakening piston rods. Bushings may simple wear out. Repairs and regular maintenance comes with the territory of operating hydraulic and mechanical presses in an industrial setting. Manufacturers and stampers alike rely on Keifer Tool to keep the production equipment in their facilities operating at maximum efficiency.  Although Kiefer Tool repairs hydraulic machine components and hydraulic equipment for manufacturing firms all across the United States, most of the hydraulic press repair and large part machining work we do is for industrial companies in Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, New York and Pennsylvania.

Solutions To Common Hydraulic Press Repair Problems

The first step in fixing a hydraulic press that simply won’t work, or one that is not performing optimally, is to refer to the hydraulic press maintenance manual or maintenance checklist. To maximize your hydraulic press’ uptime and reliability, it is important to take care of your company’s press by performing preventative maintenance work.  To avoid hydraulic press problems and ensure optimal press functionality, be sure to follow the preventive-maintenance (PM) schedule provided by the hydraulic-press manufacturer, if this document is available. When manufacturing companies relay on hydraulic presses to stamp the products they sell, they rely on their operators to keep their presses running. Simple tasks such as replacing the oil/fluid or cleaning a radiator will fix minor hydraulic press efficiency problems.  If your hydraulic press operator notices that it is leaking hydraulic fluid, check the hydraulic lines and fittings.

When a hydraulic press cylinder or ram does not retract or is slow to return, you have a problem. When a hydraulic press simply stops working, the problem may be an electrical issue.  If a piston is jerky, you may need to bleed the hydraulic system. If your manufacturing facility is having problems with double acting hydraulic cylinders, your maintenance crew will need to do some troubleshooting. If you factory’s hydraulic press won’t hold pressure, your firm’s mechanic may need to adjust the pump and valves.

If your firm operates a press manufactured by Dake, and it is not working right, try to diagnose the symptoms in order to determine the cause of the problem so that you can execute the solution. Dake has published a table online that lists the most common problems hydraulic press operators face, their inherent causes and possible solutions.

If you need to know how to fix a hydraulic press, call 216-251-0076 and ask to speak with a hydraulic press repair and maintenance specialist.  If the frame of your hydraulic press is cracked, Kiefer Tool can weld it to fix it. However, you may have to consider eventually replacing your hydraulic press if the frame has cracked, if the press can no longer build up pressure or the press has continual electrical problems. Kiefer Tool builds and manufactures new hydraulic presses from the ground up for manufacturing companies in the United States.  For the latest news on fixing hydraulic presses, click here.

Brands Of Hydraulic Presses We Fix

We repair and rebuild medium to heavy hydraulic presses originally manufactured by Mesta Machine Company, Pacific, HPM, Elmes, Nordberg, DakeBlissSutherland, Williams and WhiteHannifin, Wabash, BrunoNeff, BirchVerson, Beckwood, SEYIStamtecLombard, Heim, Denison HydraulicsDanly, Loewy Hydropress, KomatsuPheonix, Magnum, Press Master, MacrodyneMinster, PrinceAidaStandard Industrial, Schuler and Erie among other press manufacturers.

Types of Presses We Repair and Rebuild

We repair and maintain the following types of pressesforging presses, mechanical presseshydraulic presses, blanking presses, movable table hydraulic presses, industrial presses, power presses, lamination presses, C-frame presses, bench model pressespulp bailing presses, H-frame presses, carbon extrusion presses, utility hydraulic presses, eccentric presses, transfer presses, heated platen presses, movable frame hydraulic presses, die spotting pressespreviously used and owned pressescustom pressesstraightside mechanical presses, hot stamping presses, automotive mold and trim presses, 4-post presses, up acting hydraulic presses, column presses, 2-post presses, gib-guided presses, slab style presses, pneumatic presses, tie-rod presses, hot forming presses, closed die forging presses, post presses, vacuum presses, composite molding presses, hydraulic press brakes, hydroforming presses, open die forging presses, air operated hydraulic presses, hydraulic shears, horizontal presses, high speed presses, stretch forming machines, transfer molding presses, straightside servo presses, cold forming presses, one piece frame presses, molding presses, powder compaction presses, notching presses, double acting hydraulic presses, metal forming presses, plastic forming presses, compression molding presses, container shell presses, gap frame presses, mechanical presses, deep draw presses and manual hydraulic presses.

Hydraulic Press Maintenance, On-Site Inspections, On-Site Repairs, Technical Support and Field Services

Kiefer Tool has been servicing customer machinery on-site since 1965. Engineers and field service technicians at Kiefer Tool provide on-site inspection services to manufacturing companies and OEMs that need hydraulic press maintenance and emergency repair services.  Field repairs include equipment retrofits, troubleshooting, diagnostics and complete hydraulic press rebuilding services. Kiefer Tool also partners with full-service engineering companies such as Hydrotech Engineering to provide hydraulic press control and electrical system enhancements, hydraulic press upgrades, hydraulic system design, press calibration and hydraulic press modernization.

If your company is considering scrapping a hydraulic press because the manufacturing company that built the press is no longer in business, or will not provide repair services, please talk to an engineer at Kiefer Tool first. We may be able to inspect your hydraulic press to see if it is worth repairing or rebuilding. We inspect crossheads, clevises, butt plates, mountings, clutch/brakes, seals, manifolds, beds, valves, flywheels, rams, moving platens, welded body cylinders, pumps, hydraulic pipes, hydraulic cylinders, lubrication systems, cylinder bases, trunnions, mechanical drives, bearings, robotic automation components, hydraulic fittings, subassemblies, master cylinders, pistons and piston rods, controls, electrical systems, cylinder barrels, flanges, cylinder heads, ports, dies and punches, tie rod cylinders, o-rings and other hydraulic press parts.

During some hydraulic press repair projects, we disassemble and transport the hydraulic press parts and die handling equipment that need to be repaired back to our machine shop. Once we have completed the repairs, we reassemble the parts on-site at our customer’s location.  Our field service engineers and technicians solve our customer’s hydraulic and mechanical problems on-site for all types of equipment.  Kiefer Tool’s highly skilled engineers and field service technicians supervise repairs and solve problems that can not be fixed in our machine shop.  Our crew can perform on-site equipment installation and technical support for all brands of hydraulic presses and hydraulic systems.  Our timely and efficient hydraulic press repair services minimize expensive downtime.  Click here to schedule a field inspection or the pick up of a hydraulic or mechanical part.

Repair Service Areas

Kiefer Tool repairs and rebuilds hydraulic presses and manufacturing equipment for companies throughout the Midwest, the Middle Atlantic, the Northeast and portions of the Southern United States.  We repair equipment for manufacturing companies in Cleveland, Columbus, Youngstown, Erie, Toledo, Akron, Cincinnati, Rochester (NY), Fort Wayne, Milwaukee, Pittsburgh, Detroit, Indianapolis, Chicago, Buffalo, Wheeling, St. Louis, Atlanta, Nashville, Knoxville, Lexington, Philadelphia, New York City, Boston, Raleigh, Omaha, Louisville, Albany, Baltimore, Huntsville (AL), Farmington Hills (MI), Minneapolis, Charlotte, Norfolk (VA), Kansas City, Grand Rapids (MI), Memphis and Allentown (PA).

We repair hydraulic presses and manufacturing equipment for industrial operations in Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, West Virginia, Indiana, Michigan, West Virginia, Virginia, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Vermont, Illinois, New Hampshire, Maine, Kentucky, Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, North Carolina, South Carolina, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Tennessee and Kansas. We also have customers in northern Georgia, Alabama, Arkansas and Mississippi.  Because of the prohibitive cost of shipping or transporting large hydraulic parts and equipment long distances, Kiefer Tool rarely serves companies located in the Western portion of the United States or the deep south. Due to the cost of travel, Kiefer Tool engineers and field service technicians don’t normally travel to the Western or Northwestern states.

Our Expertise

Our experienced staff has the knowledge and equipment to make a variety of different repairs to worn or damaged components. Whether your press is in need of a new component or minor reconditioning, our engineers will inspect and suggest the best possible route to get you back in production in a timely manner.  To learn about the equipment used to repair heavy duty industrial hydraulic equipment, click here. Contact us for more support information or to schedule an engineer or technician to visit your manufacturing facility to conduct an inspection and evaluation of your hydraulic press or components.

Hydraulic Press Replacement And Spare Parts For Sale

Kiefer Tool sells basic “off-the-shelf” replacement and spare parts for hydraulic, mechanical and stamping presses. We manufacture custom replacement parts for hydraulic presses.

Download Or Purchase Hydraulic Press Repair Service Manuals, Operation Manuals, Maintenance Manuals, Diagrams and Lists of Parts

Additional Information About Large Part Machining and Large Part Repair Services

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Hydraulic And Mechanical Press Repair And Rebuilding Prices

  • Hydraulic press repair services range in cost from $100.00 to $150.00 per hour. Click Here for more information on repair and machining prices.

Hydraulic Components We Service

The following items are the types of hydraulic equipment we repair or re-manufacture in house.

Cylinder reconditioning & manufacturing, Piston & Rod reconditioning & manufacturing, Gland Ring reconditioning & manufacturing.

Pintel reconditioning and manufacturing, piston and rotor reconditioning and manufacturing, shaft reconditioning and manufacturing.

Port and Seat reconditioning & retro fitting, Spool and Cavity reconditioning & manufacturing.