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[icon icon=”fa fa-hourglass-half” position=”icon-left” title=”NEED IT DONE YESTERDAY?” url=”/repair/expedited-repair-reconditioning/”]Expedited machining services are available to get you back up and running.[/icon][icon icon=”fa fa-usd” position=”icon-left” title=”WHAT WILL IT COST?” url=”/about-us/machining-equipment-repair-prices/”]Competitive pricing for machining and equipment repair services, rates range from $60 to $150 per hour.[/icon]
[icon icon=”fa fa-phone” position=”icon-left” title=”WHEN IS IT GOING TO BE DONE?” url=”/contact-us/talk-to-an-engineer/”]An engineer is available to answer your questions.[/icon][icon icon=”fa fa-phone” position=”icon-left” title=”WHAT IF IT BREAKS?” url=”/about-us/quality-assurance/”]Guaranteed quality assurance in our products and services.[/icon]

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Areas of Specialization

Showcased Projects

Hydraulic Press Mold Box and Die Assembly

750 Ton Forging Press Mold Box Assembly reconditioned.

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950 Ton Hydraulic Cylinder Repair

Fully assembled 950 ton Hydraulic Cylinder after repair machining was done at expedited service.

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30,000 Lb. Tow Motor Manipulator

Completely manufactured in house this is manipulating arm is capable of lifting 30,000 lbs. 20 ft. from the mounting face.

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