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950 Ton Hydraulic Cylinder Repair

Kiefer Tool repaired a hydraulic cylinder for a 950 ton aluminum forging press used by Elkhart Products Corporation in Geneva, Indiana to manufacture aluminum forgings.  A component to an aluminum forging “T” shape press, this hydraulic cylinder was originally designed with two ports for the extension of the ram for holding the die closed at 2500 psi. Over time a crack had developed on the side port causing a leak to occur along with concern of complete failure of the cylinder. After some calculation and structural analysis it was determined the best route to repair the cylinder was to completely remove the cracked portion of the cylinder and replace it with an end cap. Utilizing our 74″ Bullard Vertical Boring Mill we had cut the top off below the port removing all the cracked metal and machined flat for the installation of the cap and sealing of the O-Ring. Utilizing the strength of the Super Bolt design, we were able to create a cap that would withstand the pressures required to form the aluminum. This was also done within a week and a half period to conform to our customer’s expedited requirements to fill their order of over 1 million parts.


Repair date: April 2013
Location: Geneva Indiana
Value: $6,000.00