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Kiefer Tool and Mold of Cleveland, OH specializes in short (low volume) and long run (large scale) production machining, precision CNC machining services and prototype machining for small to large parts. Our experienced machinists have the ability to mill, turn, drill, tap, bore and thread many types of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, stainless, aluminum, titanium, magnesium, brass, copper, plastics, phenolic and other materials for OEMs and manufacturing companies.  Kiefer Tool specializes in large part machining and custom hydraulic cylinder manufacturing.  Whether you are in need of thousands of parts or a single prototype, Kiefer Tool & Mold Inc. has the capacity to complete your order. Our staff is dedicated to creating a product of both the highest quality and maximum efficiency to meet your design’s specifications and project time line. To learn more about the types of equipment used to produce extremely large parts, click here.

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  • Short and Long Run Production Machining Services Range in Price from $75.00 to $150.00 per hour. Click Here for More Information on Costs for Production, Prototype and CNC Machining.


Below is a list of the services that we will provide.

Capable of handling a wide variety of sizes and shapes, our facility is packed with a diverse set of equipment designed to completely manufacture parts from raw material to final product. From milling to turning, drilling & tapping, boring & threading; our machine shop has the capacity to complete a wide variety of manufacturing processes.

From ferrous to non-ferrous material, structural and piping; our facility is equipped to weld & fabricate metals from raw material to final product. We offer MIG, TIG, Brazing & Air Arch Welding; (2) 150 ton presses for forming & straightening steel, 100 ton Gear Puller for gear box & fly wheel assemblies.