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Stay current with new technologies and trends used in the large part machining and hydraulic press repair industries in the United States.  Stay current with technologies used for hydraulic cylinder manufacturing. Find out what is going on with machine shops and machine tools.  The engineers at Kiefer Tool (Tom Kiefer Jr., John Kiefer Jr., Jim Kiefer and Tom Kiefer Sr.) are experts at large part machining, hydraulic press repair and custom hydraulic cylinder manufacturing. Their understanding of the machine tool and machine shop industry is legendary. Periodically, the engineers at Kiefer Tool post news articles in this ‘magazine’. Articles written by other talented and experienced machining industry insiders are also featured in this journal.

Tour A Large Capacity Machine Shop With CNC Equipment In The USA

This video shows aerial footage and floor level footage from inside and outside Kiefer Tool & Mold’s massive 36,000 square foot large part machine shop in Cleveland, Ohio. It gives you an overview of Kiefer’s large machining capabilities and large CNC machining equipment. Learn about Kiefer’s large part machining capabilities in grinding, turning, milling, boring and large lathe services. See how Kiefer performs large fabrication and machining. If your manufacturing company is looking for a large CNC machine shop or a large turning machine shop with large machining capabilities in the United States, watch this video.

You’ll see heavy duty industrial and manufacturing equipment being repaired, retrofitted, and reconditioned. Much of this is performed at our state-of-the-art CNC shop with fully automated equipment to ensure exacting detail and provide the tightest tolerances for any size project, large or small.

The term CNC stands for computer numerical control and is the computerized, automated control of machining tools such as drills, lathes and boring tools. Instructions are programmed into CNC software and the machines do the rest – with more accuracy than is possible by manual operation!

Our CNC Machine Shop offers the following services:
– Precision CNC Machining
– Large CNC Machining
– CNC Milling
– CNC Turning and Drilling Services
– CNC Machined Parts

Our Large Capacity Machine Shop services include:
– Large Part Machining
– Large Precision Machining
– Large CNC Machining
– Large Diameter Turning
– Long Turning Capacities
– Horizontal Boring and Milling
– Threading and Keying
– Large Diameter Machining
– Vertical Boring & Turning
– Rebuilding Hydraulic Presses
– Hydraulic Press Repair, Maintenance, Inspections, Field Services
– Custom Hydraulic Cylinder Manufacturing and Repair
– Hydraulic and Mechanical and Press & Component Manufacturing
– Hydraulic Press, Component and Equipment Repair
– Equipment Used to Machine and Fabricate Large Parts and Workpieces
– Getting Large Parts Machined Precisely, Quickly and Affordably

This video also introduces you to Kiefer’s skilled team of engineers, machinists, programmers, and welders – experienced in the use of complex equipment and machines, and experts at countless component applications and designs.

Kiefer Tool and Mold is the premier source for the manufacture and repair of industrial machines, manufacturing equipment, and machine components in both large quantity and large capacity in the USA. Since 1965, Kiefer has developed and refined processes that allow us to be precise, efficient and cost effective in the manufacture and repair of industrial equipment. We machine and repair large part equipment for the wealth of manufacturing and production industries in America with innovative processes that allow us to be both flexible and versatile in machining large parts precisely, quickly and affordably.


Our Large Part Machining Services range in price from $75 to $150 per hour, with projects starting around $500.

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To learn more about our Large Part Machining capabilities in the USA:
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What’s Going On In The Industry?

Metal Additive Manufacturing for Large Parts
Written By Ian Wright, Published by Engineering.com on May 09, 2019

In manufacturing, large part production has historically been costly and time-consuming, but the growth of metal 3D printing (if you’ll pardon the pun) is changing that paradigm. While metal 3D printing can be broken down into various sub-types—powder bed fusion (PBF), selective laser melting (SLM), electron beam additive manufacturing (EBAM), etc.—not all of these are suitable for (or even capable of) making large parts. Read More >

Hydraulic Options for High-Force Pressing
Written by Jim Camillo, Published by Assembly Magazine on May 6, 2019
Posted on May 9, 2019

When the pressing application requires a force of 10 tons or more, manufacturers can count on hydraulic, hydropneumatic and pneumohydraulic presses.

Solutions To Common Hydraulic Press Repair Problems
Posted on March 13, 2019

The first step in fixing a hydraulic press that simply won’t work, or one that is not performing optimally, is to refer to the hydraulic press maintenance manual or maintenance checklist. To maximize your hydraulic press’ uptime and reliability, it is important to take care of your company’s press by performing preventative maintenance work.  To avoid hydraulic press problems and ensure optimal press functionality, be sure to follow the preventive-maintenance (PM) schedule provided by the hydraulic-press manufacturer, if this document is available. When manufacturing companies relay on hydraulic presses to stamp the products they sell, they rely on their operators to keep their presses running. Simple tasks such as replacing the oil/fluid or cleaning a radiator will fix minor hydraulic press efficiency problems.  If your hydraulic press operator notices that it is leaking hydraulic fluid, check the hydraulic lines and fittings.

When a hydraulic press cylinder or ram does not retract or is slow to return, you have a problem. When a hydraulic press simply stops working, the problem may be an electrical issue.  If a piston is jerky, you may need to bleed the hydraulic system. If your manufacturing facility is having problems with double acting hydraulic cylinders, your maintenance crew will need to do some troubleshooting. If you factory’s hydraulic press won’t hold pressure, your firm’s mechanic may need to adjust the pump and valves.

If your firm operates a press manufactured by Dake, and it is not working right, try to diagnose the symptoms in order to determine the cause of the problem so that you can execute the solution. Dake has published a table online that lists the most common problems hydraulic press operators face, their inherent causes and possible solutions.

If you need to know how to fix a hydraulic press, call 216-251-0076 and ask to speak with a hydraulic press repair and maintenance specialist.  If the frame of your hydraulic press is cracked, Kiefer Tool can weld it to fix it. However, you may have to consider eventually replacing your hydraulic press if the frame has cracked, if the press can no longer build up pressure or the press has continual electrical problems. Kiefer Tool builds and manufactures new hydraulic presses from the ground up for manufacturing companies in the United States.

Large Lathe Machining Services For U.S. Manufacturing Businesses And Heavy Industry Firms
Posted on March 13, 2019

A few companies in the United States specialize in large manual lathe turning work. Some of the leaders in this type of machining include Lincoln Park Boring in Michigan, Kiefer Tool in Ohio, Aeromet Industries in Indiana and Hall Machine in Ohio.  Kiefer Tool does large lathe machining and metalworking for manufacturing companies that are located throughout the lower 48 states. Most of the large lathe machining work performed by Kiefer Tool is done for firms located in the “Rust Belt“. Their machinists do heavy duty lathe work, such as cutting and turning enormous workpieces, using large capacity Monarch lathes, industrial CNC lathes and manual South Bend lathes. They hold extremely tight tolerances when we machine long parts and large diameter industrial components. Their machinists are experts at machining and milling really hard metals and alloys precisely. Kiefer Tool’s large capacity machine shop is outfitted with various multi-spindle lathes, center lathes, Baileigh Industrial lathes, CNC turning centers, a Froriep vertical turret lathe, Bridgeport toolroom and metalworking lathes, Bolton bench top lathes and Swiss-style lathes.

OEM Documentation Is Used To Manufacture And Install Hydraulic and Mechanical Press Replacement Parts Precisely
Posted on March 7, 2019

Kiefer Tool uses OEM diagrams, engineering drawings, machine drawings, working drawings, technical drawings, orthographic projections (views), process sheets, isometric projections, CAD drawings, weight calculations, digital pictures, books, patent drawings, scale drawings, PDFs, 3D models, assembly drawings, electrical drawings, schematics, and even sketches, to make replacement parts for industrial presses.  When our technicians manufacture and install replacement parts for presses, whenever possible, they refer to engineering documents that detail how specific models of hydraulic, forging and stamping presses work, in order to determine material selections, optimal machining processes, finishes, geometrical requirements, tolerancing specifications and coordinate dimensions.  Our engineers and machinists also refer to original press repair/maintenance/operations manuals during machine press component rebuilds, if the manuals are available.  For more information about purchasing replacement parts for presses and acquiring press maintenance manuals, click here.

Hydraulic and Mechanical Press Replacement Parts, Spare Parts, Cylinders and Accessories Sold In The United States
Posted on March 7, 2019

Kiefer Tool and Mold sells basic “off-the-shelf” and aftermarket replacement and spare parts for hydraulic presses, stamping presses and mechanical presses. Kiefer Too sells hydraulic cylinders, shop press replacement cylinders and accessories for presses. However, their most valuable service to manufacturers in the United States is their ability to machine custom replacement parts and components, which are needed to repair machine presses and forging presses, to get them back into production. Their  press repair company rebuilds, repairs and refurbishes machine tools, hydraulic presses, forming presses, stamping presses, punch presses, power presses, machine presses and related components and parts. They sell and manufacture parts for 20 ton presses, 40 ton presses, 150 ton presses, 400 ton presses and huge hydraulic and forging presses.  They have even manufactured replacement parts for Alcoa’s 50,000 ton press.

Kiefer Tool sells and manufacture replacement parts for Dake hydraulic presses, Erie presses, Beckwood Presses, Magnum Presses, Phoenix Hydraulic presses, Bliss presses, Verson presses, Niagara Machine (Clearing) presses, WARCO presses (West American Rubber Company), Danly presses, Federal presses, Cincinnati press brakesMilacron (Cincinnati Milling Machine Company) plastic processing equipmentCampbell presses and Pacific presses.  Although the firm no longer stocks shop press adapters and replacement parts for arbor and Manley presses, they can custom manufacture and machine parts for these machines.

Retrofitting and Updating Keep Milling Machine CNCs on the Cutting Edge
Written by Cynthia Kustush
Published by Modern Machine Shop on March 6, 2019

Century Tool was founded in 1974 and has experienced consistent growth over most of its history. In 1987, Century Tool and Gage Co. (Fenton, Michigan) bought its first Heyligenstaedt vertical mill equipped with the first Fidia CNC system that was available in North America. After struggling to achieve higher feed rates and accuracy for complex milling of large compression molds, Century Tool and Gage Co. retrofitted Fidia CNC control systems onto existing machining centers. The plant is equipped with four, five-axis CNC machining centers; seven heavy-duty vertical and horizontal machines; three multi-spindle, traveling-column gundrills; 29 CAD/CAM workstations; and a try-out press facility with capacities of 500, 600, 1,500 and 3,000 tons.

On April 19, 2018 Plastic News announced that Tooling Tech Group has acquired Century Tool Group, which includes two Michigan operations: Century Tool & Gage Co. in Fenton and CTG Bel-Kur Automation in Temperance. Fort Loramie, Ohio-based Tooling Tech claims the deal makes it North America’s largest tooling provider. Century Tool Group is an engineering and manufacturing company that provides compression molds, automation equipment and fixtures to North American automotive, heavy truck and other markets, specializing in Class A composite exterior parts. Century Tool & Gage makes medium to large compression molds. CTG Bel-Kur is the company’s automation division, providing automated assembly equipment and fixtures for downstream in compression molding lines. Tony Seger, who founded Tooling Tech in 1982, said Century Tool is “a world-class company that fits perfectly with our ‘whatever it takes, on-time, every-time’ operating model.” Seger said the deal helps Tooling Tech expand into the company’s already-strong position in the automotive, heavy truck and automation markets. Tooling Tech makes compression molds and molds for blow molding, thermoforming and structural foam. The company also makes die-cast tooling and stamping dies. Divisions of Tooling Tech Group include Tooling Technology, Fremont Plastic Molds, Majestic Industries, G.H. Tool, and now Century Tool & Gage and CTG Bel-Kur Automation. Tooling Tech Group makes a broad range of tooling to make vehicle components, including soft-trim, powertrain components, structural stampings, valve bodies, dashboard and under-hood components, acoustic panels, roof components, liquid reservoirs, truck components and wheel liners. Tooling Tech ranked No. 3 in the most recent Plastics News survey of North American mold makers, with sales of $115 million. Century Tool ranked No. 24, with sales of $35 million.

Large Part Machining Services For U.S. MFG Firms | Rates From $100 P/H 
Posted on March 7, 2019

Kiefer Tool provides large part machining services for manufacturing and industrial firms throughout most of continental United States.  Rates for machining large, big, long and heavy equipment components and massive workpieces start at $100 per hour.  Due to our experience and our excellent equipment, we do high quality work on large diameter turning and large vertical turning/boring projects. We repair large hydraulic cylinders and fix hydraulic press components which keeps us busy with drilling, boring, grinding, milling, welding and fabrication processes. Not to get too technical, but Kiefer Tool also excels at 3 + 2 machining. We keep tight tolerances when performing precision CNC machining, keying and gear teeth cutting.  We manufacture, fabricate and assemble enormous steel and metal parts and machines. The parts we machine frequently weigh a few hundred or a few thousand pounds, but we have the capacity and capabilities to handle parts that weigh up to 100 tons. Most of the parts we machine are for repair jobs, although we spend a fair amount of time in our large capacity machine shop manufacturing replacement parts for heavy equipment, large hydraulic presses and manufacturing machines. We also machine and manufacture “one-off” products, original equipment and prototypes.

Download Or Purchase Hydraulic Press Repair Service Manuals, Operation Manuals, Maintenance Manuals, Diagrams and Lists of Parts
Posed on March 5, 2019

Hydraulic Press Replacement And Spare Parts For Sale
Posted on March 5, 2019

Kiefer Tool sells basic “off-the-shelf” replacement and spare parts for hydraulic, mechanical and stamping presses. We manufacture custom replacement parts for hydraulic presses.  Other reputable firms sell replacement parts for hydraulic, stamping and mechanical presses.  These firms include the Dake Corporation, French Oil Mil Machinery Co., Granger, Eaton, BCN Technical Services, Erie Press, Pacific Press Technologies, Beckwood Corporation, Enprotech Industrial Technologies, Magnum Press, Phoenix Hydraulic Presses, Greenerd, Neff Press, Carver, Sutherland Presses, Standard Industrial, Macrodyne and M&M Tool and Machinery.

Information About Large Part Machining and Large Part Repair Services

Kiefer Tool Updates Hydraulic Press and Manufacturing Equipment Repair Service Areas
Posted on March 3, 2019

Kiefer Tool repairs and rebuilds hydraulic presses and manufacturing equipment for companies throughout the Midwest, the Middle Atlantic, the Northeast and portions of the Southern United States.  We repair equipment for manufacturing companies in Cleveland, Columbus, Youngstown, Erie, Toledo, Akron, Cincinnati, Rochester (NY), Fort Wayne, Milwaukee, Pittsburgh, Detroit, Indianapolis, Chicago, Buffalo, Wheeling, St. Louis, Atlanta, Nashville, Knoxville, Lexington, Philadelphia, New York City, Boston, Raleigh, Omaha, Louisville, Albany, Baltimore, Huntsville (AL), Farmington Hills (MI), Minneapolis, Charlotte, Norfolk (VA), Kansas City, Grand Rapids (MI), Memphis and Allentown (PA).

We repair hydraulic presses and manufacturing equipment for industrial operations in Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, West Virginia, Indiana, Michigan, West Virginia, Virginia, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Vermont, Illinois, New Hampshire, Maine, Kentucky, Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, North Carolina, South Carolina, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Tennessee and Kansas. We also have customers in northern Georgia, Alabama, Arkansas and Mississippi.  Because of the prohibitive cost of shipping or transporting large hydraulic parts and equipment long distances, Kiefer Tool rarely serves companies located in the Western portion of the United States or the deep south. Due to the cost of travel, Kiefer Tool engineers and field service technicians don’t normally travel to the Western or Northwestern states.

Knuth Machine Tools Appoints President
Published By TheFabricator.com on February 20, 2019

Knuth Machine Tools USA, a supplier of conventional and CNC machine tools and accessories, has promoted Frank Fontana to president of the North, Central, and South American branch. Fontana joined the company in 2010 as a territory sales representative, earning salesman of the year multiple times and eventually working his way up to sales manager and then vice president of sales.

When Machining Long Parts, Machine Shop Climate Matters
Written by Jedd Cole
Published by Modern Machine Shop on February 22, 2019

Tuftco Corp. manufactures carpet tufting machines. These machines, which feature a long row of needles used to stick carpet threads onto their common base, present particular challenges for machining. When the company needed a more accurate machine tool capable of handling extremely long horizontal travels, Bertsche Engineering Corp.’s XiMill machining center presented itself as a solution. Machining long titanium tufting needle bars required a milling machine with a super-long X-axis travel.

Machining Large
Written By Alan Richter
Published by Cutting Tool Engineering on February 12, 2019

Lincoln Park Boring Co., in Romulus, Michigan machines large parts in temperature controlled in a 60,000-sq.-ft. shop. The firm uses its Henri Liné heavy-duty gantry Promill vertical boring mill to machine enormous parts.

Eyeing Automotive Machining Applications in Taiwan
Written by Derek Korn
Published by Modern Machine Shop on February 28, 2019

A Pinnacle BX700T five-axis machine was featured at the Taiwan Machine Tool and Accessory Builders’ Association (TMBA) in November of 2018. This machine features an integral C-axis rotary table that is flush with the main table. Combined with a B-axis milling head, the rotary table enables full five-axis machining for applications such as wheel production. The rotary table can be indexed so its T-slots align with the T-slots in the main table to enable large parts to be fixtured on the machine.

Who Inspects And Repairs Broken Hydraulic Presses?
Posted on March 3, 2019

If your company is considering scrapping a hydraulic press or hydraulic cylinder because the manufacturing company that built the press is no longer in business, or will not provide repair services, please talk to an engineer at Kiefer Tool first. We may be able to inspect your hydraulic press to see if it is worth repairing or rebuilding. We inspect crossheads, clevises, butt plates, mountings, clutch/brakes, seals, manifolds, beds, valves, flywheels, rams, moving platens, welded body cylinders, pumps, hydraulic pipes, hydraulic cylinders, lubrication systems, cylinder bases, trunnions, mechanical drives, bearings, robotic automation components, hydraulic fittings, subassemblies, master cylinders, pistons and piston rods, controls, electrical systems, cylinder barrels, flanges, cylinder heads, ports, dies and punches, tie rod cylinders, o-rings and other hydraulic press parts.

Hydraulic Press Repair, Maintenance, Inspections and Field Services
Posted on February 22, 2019

Kiefer Tool provides manufacturing companies with hydraulic press repair, hydraulic press maintenance, on-site inspections, on-site repairs, technical support and field services. Rates start at $100. per hour.

Hydraulic Press Repair and Rebuilding Services and Costs
Posted On February 13, 2019

Kiefer Tool repairs and maintain hydraulic presses for manufacturing companies in the United States. Hydraulic presses need to be repaired and rebuilt. Brands of hydraulic presses that Kiefer Tool works on include Mesta Machine Company, Pacific, Sutherland, Williams and White, Hannifin, Wabash, Bruno, Neff, Birch, Verson, Beckwood, SEYI, Stamtec, Lombard, Heim, Denison Hydraulics, Danly, Loewy Hydropress, Komatsu, Pheonix, Magnum, Press Master, Macrodyne, Dake, Bliss, Minster, Prince, Aida, Standard Industrial, Schuler and Erie among other press manufacturers.

Global Hydraulic Cylinder Market Outline 2018 – Wipro Infrastructure, Weber-Hydraulik, Dongyang
Published by www.trueherald.com on November 14, 2018

Companies in the Hydraulic Cylinder Market Include the Following:

The Unattended Effects of CNC Machine Shop Automation
Written by Derek Korn, Executive Editor of Modern Machine Shop
Published on Modern Machine Shop on 11/01/18
Posted Here On November 5, 2018
Automated machining and data collection have helped Custom Tool to not only grow its business through more lights-out production, but also to establish a continuous-improvement mindset that has enabled it to become more efficient in numerous areas.

Video: Better Workholding for Aerospace Machining
Created by James Anderton for Engineering.com
Posted on October 18, 2018
When machining large parts such as an aircraft bulkhead or wing rib, workholding can be a challenge. What’s the best way to clamp a part when 95-percent of the material will be machined away? How should thermal expansion and vibration be dealt with? How can setup changes be reduced? According to Michael Gaunce, group manager of stationary workholding at SCHUNK, aerospace milling applications can benefit from a better approach to workholding. How you clamp a part should be considered as early as the design phase. In many cases, adding retention points in a first OP can reduce setup changes and improve quality. Check out this video for more insights from Gaunce on this essential part of the machining process.

Submit a CAD Drawing, PDF or JPEG for a Large Part Machining Quote
Posted on 11/05/18
To receive a quote for large part machining services submit a CAD, PDF or JPEG file containing a drawing of the parts you need machined or manufactured.

Big Part Machining Services Performed By Expert Machinists In Cleveland
Posted On 10/25/18
Watch a video of expert machinists at Kiefer Tool in Cleveland performing big part machining services in a large capacity machine shop. Kiefer Tool’s state-of-the-art facility is equipped with a high bay with heavy lifting overhead cranes capable of lifting up to 60,000 pounds. In this video you will see the machinists chamfering a 41” diameter bore on a AISI 8630 alloy steel hydraulic cylinder that weights 18,000 pounds. This cylinder can only be machined by a full service contract manufacturer that focuses on producing custom large fabrications and machined parts. In the video, a large boring bar is spinning at a rate of 180 surface feet per minute to chamfer an extremely large component for a 3500 ton titanium forging press used by a aerospace material manufacturer.

Large Precision Machining Of A Heavy Steel Valve For An OEM Customer
Posted On 10/25/18
Watch a video of a large part manufacturing company using precision machining on a large hydraulic valve for an original equipment manufacturer in the aerospace industry. Kiefer Tool is using the latest technology equipment to perform circular interpolation using a Giddings & Lewis CNC controlled horizontal boring mill to create a 10” diameter hole in the side of a hydraulic valve. This hole is used to fill the valve with oil from the tank when the hydraulic cylinder is in the extension process.

Large Machining Company Performing Large Diameter Machining
Posted On 10/25/18
Watch a video of a large machining company performing large diameter machining. Shown in this video is the large capacity machine shop at Kiefer Tool in Cleveland. The operation being performed is honing of a 40” hydraulic cylinder for a titanium forging press on a Lucas horizontal boring mill. This process is for finishing this product to 32 microns to the 40” diameter bore after large diameter turning has been completed. The large part pictured in this video is the clamping cylinder for the dies of a 3500 ton titanium forging press.

Large Diameter Turning On A CNC Lathe At A Large Capacity Machine Shop
Posted On 10/25/18
Watch a video of a large capacity machine shop performing large diameter turning on a CNC lathe. Kiefer Tool is turning precision grooves on a 16” diameter hydraulic valve to achieve a sealing of high pressure oil on a hydraulic cylinder. These grooves hold high pressure seals for this valve, when installed to the hydraulic cylinder. The large part is a valve for a HPM 3500 ton titanium forging press.

Customers That Require Large Part Machining Services
Posted On October 18, 2018
Kiefer Tool is a contract manufacturing company that machines, fabricates and manufactures big, heavy, complex and large parts and components to their customer’s exact specifications. Clients usually provide the Kiefer engineers with a CAD drawing so that the machinists can keep very tight tolerances. Kiefer Tool client list includes Eaton, GE, Alpha Packaging, Saint-Gobain and Aetna Plastics.  Kiefer Tool produces large-scale parts that typically exceed their customer’s expectations, demands and requirements in terms of durability, turnaround times, costs, quality and machining tolerances.

Videos Of Large Part Machining and Manufacturing Processes
Posted On October 18, 2018
Large part machining videos show machinists in action at job shops and machine shops in the United States performing various processes. Watch videos showing what is involved in CNC machining of large complex parts, large and heavy component machining, large precision CNC machining, CNC and manual large diameter turning, CNC milling, large part boring and large lathes machining very long shafts.

Sadler Corporation In Stow, Ohio Uses 36 Foot CNC Traveling-Column Drill/Mill Machine For Large Part Machining
Posted On October 18, 2018
The VSP 50 CNC traveling-column large drilling / large milling machine is designed for drilling, boring, counter boring, reaming of holes, tapping and light milling on large and medium sized components. It has a table size of 36 feet by 8 feet with a 30 pocket tool changer. It is equipped with an Anilam 5500 control. The MAS VSP 50 produces fast, accurate, and reliable machining and drilling of intricate components requiring a large number of operations.

ALKAB Contract Manufacturing, Inc. Looking To Hire Machinists
Posted On October 18, 2018
ALKAB Contract Manufacturing, Inc. is currently seeking a CNC machinist for large part manufacturing and also a welder-fitter. The large part manufacturing firm, located in New Kensington, PA, offers a great work environment, competitive wages and a benefit package. The custom manufacturing job shop was founded in 1990 and has a comprehensive ISO 9000:2015 compliant Quality Management System.

Employment Opportunities at Standard Machine, Inc. in Cleveland Ohio
Posted On October 18, 2018
Standard Machine, Inc., founded in Cleveland in 1969, specializes in large part machining and large precision machining. Capabilities including machining, milling, grinding, tapping, fabrication, boring and drilling. The company is now accepting resumes for skilled machinists. The firm offers competitive wages, overtime, healthcare, paid holidays, company matching 401K, and quarterly profit sharing.   Qualified applicants must have a minimum of 3 years experience operating CNC or manual horizontal or vertical boring mills. You can submit your resume electronically at info@standardmachineinc.com or by fax at 216-631-2837.

Equipment Used to Machine And Fabricate Large Parts and Workpieces
Posted on September 27, 2018
Metalcutting Exhibitors at IMTS 2018 showcased equipment used for manufacturing large parts. Okuma America Corp. introduced their powerful new LU7000EX 2-saddle CNC lathe to the attendees at the convention. This lathe is used by machine shops to handle large parts. It features a bolt-on turret and long boring bar. The lathe has a wide range of spindle motor specifications to easily handle manufacturing of large parts and large workpieces. The 32nd edition of IMTS (International Manufacturing Technology Show) was the largest show ever. Over 120K attendees registered for the show. IMTS 2018 ran from Sept. 10 – 15, 2018 at Chicago’s McCormick Place.

Small Ohio Tool And Die Shop Growth Tied To Private Investment/Equity And Focus On Large Part Machining
Posted on August 30, 2018
Coldwater Machine was originally established in 1954 as a tool and die machine shop. Now the precision machining company provides engineered solutions. They manufacture and integrates assembly automation and special machines. The also focus on machining large parts. In 2001, the Coldwater Machine Company was purchased by JMAC, a private investment firm based in Columbus, Ohio. Coldwater recently expanded its facility to 132,500 square feet, helping to provide additional floor space for a Mitsui Seiki J6CNC jig borer and other machine tools. In 2010, Indiana-based private equity group North River Capital acquired the majority interest in the Coldwater Machine Company.  CMM credits its growth to focusing more on machining large parts. Coldwater can custom machine large metal components to customer print specification or engage their engineering team, who are experts in developing solutions for difficult part holding applications to assist in design. Coldwater Machine Company’s large part precision machining service can produce large parts with tight tolerance requirements, such as large jigs, fixtures, lift devices and material handling equipment. The firm recently opened a new 2,300 square foot engineering facility in Dayton, Ohio. CMC’s biggest—and oldest—machine tool, a 1968 Wotan boring mill that has a 260″ (6,604mm) X-axis travel and a 91″ (2,311mm) Y-axis travel.  In 2017, Coldwater Machine Company built a laser welding line for powertrain components and for the production of differentials and ring gears.

Award Winning Company Specializes In Large Precision Machined Products
Posted on August 28, 2018
Covert Manufacturing is proud to be the winner of Ralph Phillips Business Partner of the Year Award in 2012. This award is given to an area business that demonstrated support for Pioneer and its programs, students and alumni.  Covert Manufacturing is located in Galion, Ohio. They have two facilities. The machining division is located in a 295,000 square foot facility. The woman-owned company also has a secondary manufacturing facility that measures almost 37,000 square feet.  Covert Manufacturing is a $50-million-per-year production machining company that has experienced significant growth.  Covert Manufacturing invests in modern CNC lathes, machining and tooling technology. Their variety of CNC tooling machines and dependable lathes are used for large part machining and large part turning. Some of their lathes have twin spindles and twin turrets in the following diameters and lengths: 20” turn diameter x 40” length, 12” turn diameter x 30” length and 23” turn diameter x 35” length.  The company purchased their first Makino machines in the 1970s.  Makino specializes in manufacturing machine tools such as 4 and 5 axis horizontal machining centers, graphite machining centers and vertical machining centers.  The company, founded in 1967, provides high quality machining using more than 10 vertical machine centers which have a 42” x 27” x 27” machining envelope and rotary axis capability.  The company, which has over 350 employees, uses over 50 horizontal machining centers to repair and manufacture large parts and large components, including twin 24” tables and robot cells.

Aeromet Industries Leads The Industry In Building And Repairing Recoiler Drums, Uncoiler Drums And Mandrel Drums
Posted On August 27, 2018
Aeromet Industries, Inc. was founded in a rented garage in Lansing, IL in 1971.  These “mandrel drum specialists” are the go to company for designing, fabricating and repairing mandrels.  The large part machining company now utilizes a 25,000 square foot facility in Griffith, Indiana. The machine shop uses modern horizontal and vertical, along with a large swing lathe to machine plastics, stainless steel, titanium, alloys, aluminum and steel up to 394 inches long, 138 inches wide and 84 inches in height. Their large diameter turning equipment can accommodate workpieces up to 433 inches long and 72 inches in diameter. The machinists at Aeromet utilize 3 axis CNC machining capabilities, with 3- and 4-jaw chuck fixturing. Their machine shop can handle heavy parts and components up to 50 tons. The company is registered ISO 9001:2000.  The company specializes CNC machining for large components. They are experts at building and repairing recoiler drums, uncoiler drums and mandrel drums.

Job Shops Face Challenges That Require Solutions Much Different Than Their Larger Manufacturing Counterparts
Published by Industry Today on January 30, 2018
Written by Dr. Ronald L. Hollis, President & CEO, MFG.com
Posted Here on August 24, 2018

2018 offers many unique opportunities – and challenges – for small and midsized manufacturers (SMMs) in the US.

Following years of offshoring our manufacturing base, we now face choices to reemerge and revitalize that base. A booming economy and business-friendly legislation have created an environment of optimism and allowed new thoughts of how to capitalize to grow businesses, pursue new technologies, and expand to new markets.

But where are those opportunities? What works best for a large manufacturing plant with 60 machining centers won’t, and shouldn’t, apply to a small 7-person shop with 3 machines. Revenue and resources demand a scaled, creative approach.

At MFG.com, we work daily with hundreds of SMMs vying for new work and customers. The capabilities that define the successful SMMs are striking, and these are the trends we see that can give them the sustainable, scalable, and more competitive edge in 2018.

Skills Gap
Finding qualified manufacturing talent in 2018 is a seller’s market – the qualified manufacturing employee is in charge. SMMs face the full force of competition for talent, often lacking the flexibility to offer the benefits or perks of larger manufacturers. SMMs can look to partnerships with local community colleges or high schools to help nurture and steer the naturally-gifted to their businesses. Creating a culture that attracts and retains new talent gains importance, especially in the younger Millennials that strive for more out of their work life than just a salary. Training and skills qualifications will emerge as attractive incentives in 2018.

Additive Manufacturing Technologies
While most applications of Additive Manufacturing (AM) have been experimental or for creating prototypes over the past two decades, that trend is rapidly changing. According to Modern Machine Shop’s recently published 2018 Top Shops report, 37% of the highest functioning SMMs in the US have adopted AM in their shops (up 19%). But of those, 74% are found to use AM to “3D-print tooling or fixturing for their own use on the shop floor.” While prototyping services can open a new revenue stream for SMMs, the biggest value can be the savings of time and money in other creative applications. The cost of AM technologies has decreased significantly and is very affordable for the serious manufacturer.

For SMMs, automation is a means to an end. Too often, suggestions or technologies are presented with larger manufacturers in mind that simply overlook the limitations of smaller shops. Fortunately, in the current market, the accessibility and affordability of automations tools is prevalent. There are incremental and affordable automation options that can make real differences in a small manufacturer’s efficiency and how it’s perceived by potential customers, including work-holding & handling, pick and place, tool changing, and other multi-tasking operations. SMMs have many resources to choose from for advice and help with single-machine automation solutions – tooling suppliers, equipment providers (new or used), and those that repair machines or CNC controls. Smart automation can ease the labor burden and offset a skills shortage.

Processes, Processes, Processes
Measuring efficiencies is becoming more of a requirement for SMMs that want to grow their businesses in 2018. With the improving economy, many buyers are rethinking their offshoring postures of the last decade. But while they’re open to suppliers of closer proximity, their requirements for performance and reporting haven’t changed. Data is no longer a luxury – it’s mandatory. SMMs must embrace this reality and look to assembling and providing customers with more data regarding cycle times, demand maintenance, and delivery. The single best place to start is at the CNC control. Many SMMs overlook the power of a CNC in data recording and focus solely on making the part. SMMs that begin providing more data, more evidence of improvement, and better governance of their machining processes will find more receptive prospects and long-term customers. Along with the data, the business must have consistent, proven, documented procedures to ensure that every project is handled in the optimum way for consistency and efficiency.

Processes and data are part of a bigger opportunity for SMMs. Gone are the days of delivering parts alone. The sale isn’t the end of a process – it’s the beginning of an opportunity to differentiate one’s business from another. At MFG.com, the most common 2 complaints from buyers are (1) lack of post-sale communication from suppliers and (2) failing to follow through with services – delivery, accounting, incomplete orders, and lack of quality control. While tolerances and geometries and materials will always be tantamount to machining businesses and OEMs, the services are where loyalties are strengthened. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software applications – that include financial, shipping, workflow, maintenance planning, and delivery management – can create service improvements for SMMs. The benefits of monitoring for failures in advance, improving efficiencies, and elevating the quality of data provided to a customer after delivery are easy differentiators for the manufacturer and one of the most powerful strategies to retain a customer. In short, these improvements can allow SMMs to offer many services like larger manufacturers while maintaining profitability and focus.

2018 will see more technologies available to SMMs to ‘plug-in’ and participate with their customers for those manufacturers willing to invest the time to assess those opportunities and apply them with the eye toward their customers. As these technologies are adopted and deployed by larger manufacturers, they will establish the ‘norm’ for their customers which will force the SMMs to adopt and adapt in order to compete in the future.

Large Capacity Machine Shops Use Large Machining Equipment To Repair Or Manufacture Really Big Parts
Published on 08/23/18
Companies such as Kiefer Tool and Mold use specialized equipment for machining and fabricating large/heavy parts, workpieces and manufacturing/industrial equipment components. Listed below are the main categories of large part machining equipment used by firms in the United States to repair or manufacture really big stuff.

  • A Flexible, Large Square Foot Machine Shop With A High Ceiling
  • Specialized Equipment For Moving Large Parts And Workpieces Including Forklifts, Hoists, Overhead Cranes And Rigging Hardware
  • Large Horizontal And Vertical Milling Centers And Machines
  • Large Horizontal And Vertical Boring Machines Including Large Drilling Machines
  • Large Vertical Turning Mills, Lathes, Centers and Machines
  • Bridge Mills And Planers
  • Key Way Broaching And Shaper Machines
  • Large Surface Grinding Equipment
  • CNC Controlled Machines Such As Machining Centers
  • Various Carbide And High Speed Steel Cutting Tools Such As End Mills, Facing Mills And Grooving Tools
  • Testing And Inspection Equipment
  • Welding Equipment
  • Layout And Positioning Equipment
  • Manufacturing Facility Thermal Control Systems
  • Machining Lubricants And Metal Working Fluids

Read the Full Article >

Large Part Machining Projects and Pictures
Published on 08/21/18
Kiefer Tool specializes in machining large parts and components. View pictures of large part machining. Kiefer Tool is a large capacity machine shop. For years Kiefer Tool & Mold has machined, fabricated and assembled all kinds of different components, fabrications and machines for a variety of industries. Kiefer Tool has the experience and knowledge to manufacture, repair, and recondition of all kinds of industrial equipment around the country.  The facility has a large working envelope for machining, fabricating and assembling a wide span of industrial equipment. This gallery shows a few of the machines and industries we have worked on in our 50 plus years of business.  More >

Moving Large, Complex Parts Calls For Specialized Equipment
Published by Cutting Tool Engineering on 05/01/16
Written by Christopher Tate
Posted Here on 08/21/18
Excerpt: Cranes provide the needed capacity and flexibility to lift and move material around the factory. In many cases, a crane is the only tool that can perform heavy-lift tasks. Jib cranes are simple machines that have an L-shaped construction with a mast that supports a single arm called the boom. A trolley and hoist mount on the boom and move in and out relative to the mast. Gantry cranes are another type and have a U-shaped construction, wherein two legs support a beam and the entire structure can move fore and aft. A trolley and hoist traverse the area between the legs, allowing placement of a load anywhere inside the area between the support legs. Gantry cranes can cover larger areas than jib cranes and are more economical than overhead cranes, making them ideal for defined areas in the shop where overhead cranes are not available. Bridge cranes, also called overhead cranes, are fixed to the support steel of a building and reside near the roof. Bridge cranes, as the name implies, “bridge,” or span, the entire building. Opposing walls support the rails carrying the bridge structures, with a trolley and hoist moving along rails on the bridge. The hardware needed to attach a load to a crane, called rigging, is as varied as the loads. Heavy crane lifts and assembly of large components is dangerous work, wherein people’s lives and millions of dollars are at risk.  More >

Horizontal Machining Centers Are Integral To Large Part Machining
Horizontal machining (milling) occurs on a horizontal machining center (HMC). These large heavy-duty machines can be used to work on aircraft components and other large parts and workpieces. Mazak Horizontal Machining Centers range in size and capacity. While most shops are producing shorter aerospace parts on five-axis machines or larger parts on gantry-type equipment, Fort Walton Machining found its niche somewhere in the middle thanks to an advanced profiling machining system from Mazak. They are designed with quality, reliability, ease of operation and safety in mind.  When a large capacity machine shop needs to productively process large and complex parts such as engine blocks or large ferrous parts, they often use horizontal machining centers. Horizontal machining relies on rotary cutters to remove metal from a workpiece. Horizontal Machining Centers handle a mix of diverse, increasingly more complex prismatic parts.  Visitors to IMTS 2018  will see some very big machines such as bridge mills, vertical machines, horizontal machining centers and gantry machines. The International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS 2018) takes place from September 10 through September 15, 2018 at McCormick Place in Chicago, IL. The show is the premier manufacturing technology show in North America.  Big machines are required to repair and manufacture large parts. Kiefer Tool and Mold of Cleveland, Ohio specializes in large part horizontal boring and milling. Kiefer Tool excels at machining very large parts needed in engineering work, oil-and-gas projects, energy systems, aerospace, construction, and other similar applicationsTMX Workholding Solutions recently delivered this 71-inch, 8,000-pound, forged steel chuck for an oil-and-gas industry customer in Louisiana. R&W Machine is a Chicago-based leading supplier of large part machining services for thousands of applications in dozens of industries. The firm machines large and complex parts such as gear boxes, bearing housings, railway axles and drive train components.

Trends In Sourcing Large Part Machining Services
Posted on 08/13/18

Engineers, procurement professionals, buyers and purchasing agents at OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) and other manufacturing companies use search engines and other online platforms such as ThomasNet to source large part machining services, large CNC machining, precision machining and large diameter turning services. ThomasNet (formerly The Thomas Register of American Manufacturers) is used to find suppliers, machining supply partners and large capacity machines shops that can repair or manufacture large and heavy metal parts, steel components and industrial equipment. Due to the improvement in the manufacturing sector, services such as ThomasNet have seen an uptick in the number of people trying to source large part machining and CNC machining suppliers and services. Due to the boom in U.S. manufacturing, the demand for machining services has surged.  Over the past year through July 2018, U.S. manufacturing added 327,000 jobs, the most of any 12-month period since April 1995, when the figure added a 345,000 positions. As the economy has heated up, it has become harder for manufacturing companies to source a company that can machine large parts precisely, quickly and affordably.  Four key considerations for sourcing the right large part machining supply partner include cost, capabilities, experience and quality.  If your company is trying to source a large machine shop to request a quote for large part machining and large diameter turning services, consider contacting Kiefer Tool and Mold of Cleveland, Ohio or Precise Tool & MFG. of Rochester, NY.

Concerns About Staffing Large Part Machining Companies

As baby boomers continue to retire in staggering numbers and the U.S. manufacturing industry economy thrives due to Donald Trump’s 25 percent tariff on steel imports and corporate tax cut, large machine shops such as Kiefer Tool and Mold, K&M Machine Fabricating, Edgar Industries and Standard Machine of Cleveland are challenged to hire enough skilled machinists, manual and/or CNC machinists, millwrights, maintenance mechanics, welders or other workers that possess a skilled trade or are in a skilled trades learning program. Companies such as Silfex, which makes components for the semiconductor, optical and solar industries are trying to hire qualified CNC and 5-axis machinists to make state-of-the-art silicon components used to create high-technology devices. Some companies are so concerned about the lack of welders and machinists, that they are resorting to creative methods of locating welders and machinists. One group of manufacturers in Wisconsin sponsored a high school welding competitionTom Simeone of Manor Tool and Mfg. Co. in Chicago, stated that there is a significant imbalance with the work coming in during this manufacturing boom and the skilled labor available to get the work completed.  According to Manpower Group, the hardest segment of the workforce for employers to staff are the skilled trades, the welders, electricians, machinists and others prevalent in manufacturing and construction.  Factories in Canada are desperate for welders, tool and die makers, machinists and millwrights and it is getting worse every year.

Sourcing Large Part Machining Services on ThomasNet

More and more manufacturing companies are using the Internet to locate machines shops that have the capacity and capability to repair or build large parts. One of the most popular websites for sourcing large part machining companies and services is ThomasNet. The online database of large part machining companies is published and maintained by Thomas Industrial Network, one of Thomas’ five business units. Modern Machine Shop magazine defines large-part machining/large part machining as the challenge of machining any part that is too heavy or bulky for a single human being to move the part to another location quickly, or too large to fit within the work zone of the most commonly available CNC machine tools.

Getting Your Company’s Large Parts Machined Precisely, Quickly and Affordably
Kiefer Tool and Mold machines large parts precisely, quickly and affordably. Precision machining at Kiefer Tool involves manufacturing a component that accurately meets the exact drawing specifications provided by our customers. The firm’s attention to detail is exemplary. Kiefer Tool has the experience and equipment to hold tight tolerances when machining very large parts and components. Large part machining work can be completed within a 24 hour period depending on the scope of the work. The experience of the engineers and machinists allows them to effectively complete their customer’s work promptly. Kiefer Tool strives to keep large part machining prices within their client’s budget. If your company needs a large part or component machined precisely, right away and at a low cost, contact Kiefer Tool.

Space-Saving Five-Axis Machine Cuts Large Parts
DMG MORI’s two XXL machines, the DMU 200 gantry and DMU 340 gantry, are designed for large-part applications. Both models offer five-axis simultaneous machining and combine a large work area with a small footprint, according to the company.

Two-Saddle Turning Center for Large Energy, Aerospace Parts
Okuma America’s Multus U5000 two-saddle CNC lathe handles large parts for the energy and aerospace industries. The machine is said to provide a sturdy platform for machining large, process-intensive parts.

Machining Parts for the World’s Largest Digital Camera
Modern Machine Shop’s July issue cover story takes a look at the big picture. So big, in fact, that it details how one shop has gained the machining expertise necessary to manufacture parts for the world’s largest digital camera, which will be installed inside the Large Synoptic Survey Telescope in Chili.  One story even walks through the questions a shop had when it considered switching from vertical machining centers to horizontal machining centers.

Ansco Finds Success Producing Complete Components
Ansco has invested heavily in a wide range of equipment, from turning centers to horizontal machining centers, in a wide range of sizes to suit nearly any application. Sterling started Ansco in 1991 with his sons, Jeff, Jon, and Dave. His son-in-law, Tom Cook, is the finance manager. Ansco is a full-service contract machine shop specializing in milling and turning up to 63-inch diameters. Ansco has invested in a whole line of different-size horizontal machining centers, from two Makino a51s capable of handling workpieces up to 24.8-by-35.4 inches to an a92 that can go up to 59-by-59 inches. Ansco purchased five Makino HMCs—two a51s, one a81, one a82, and one a92—enabling the company to quote and deliver any size part. With pallet sizes ranging from 15.7 inches to almost 40 inches, and the ability to accommodate a variety of tool sizes, the Makinos enable Ansco to match the appropriate machine to the appropriate job without over-investing in capital equipment.

Large Diameter Vertical Boring and Turning in Cleveland, Ohio
Kiefer Tool, of Cleveland, provides large diameter vertical boring and turning services including large size part boring, hydraulic cylinder boring, custom thread turning and grooving.

Large Part Turning in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio
Ansco Machine Company, founded by Mike Sterling in 1991, is located in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio. They have machines that handle everything from the small components to the largest ones. They are a full-service machine shop that specializes in large part turning and 5-axis CNC milling. The firm has the capacity to turn long parts and shafts up to 112” in length.

Request Large Part Machining and Turning Services And A Quote
Kiefer Tool & Mold Inc. is a large capacity machine shop located in Cleveland Ohio that specializes in large part machining and large diameter turning services. Kiefer Tool specializes in machining components, parts and equipment manufactured from alloy steels, aluminum and bronze.  For an overview of our large part machining services, click here. For information on our large diameter turning and large diameter vertical boring services, click here.

Large Machine Shop Capacities in OH, IN, MI, NY And PA
Large capacity machines shops in Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, New York and Pennsylvania provide large part precision machining services to clients in a variety of manufacturing sectors. Large scale welding and fabrication services are also provided by job shops that can handle large projects and large workpieces. Large capacity CNC machines are frequently used to manage the operation and movement of the lathes, cutting machines and boring mills. The three principal machining processes employed by large capacity machine shops are classified as milling, boring (drilling) and turning.

Recommended Large Capacity Machine Shops in OH, IN, MI, NY And PA

Large capacity machine shops with large capacity vertical and horizontal machines in Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, New York and Pennsylvania include the following businesses.  Some of the firms listed below also design and engineer large industrial parts.

Top Custom Hydraulic Cylinder Manufacturers in USA In 2018
In 2018, the leading manufacturers of custom hydraulic cylinders in the United States include Kiefer Tool and Mold, Parker Hannifin, EatonTexas Hydraulics, West Craft Manufacturing, Bailey Hydraulics, Hanna Cylinders, Cylinders & Valves, Energy Manufacturing Company, Cross Manufacturing, Custom Cylinders, Ligon Hydraulic Cylinder Group, JARP Industries, Prince Manufacturing, R & J Cylinder and Machine, Columbus HydraulicsSouthern Hydraulic Cylinder, Peninsular Cylinder CompanyHSI Corporation and Rosenboom.  The hydraulic cylinder market is expected to hit $16.4 billion by 2025 while growing at a 6% compound annual growth rate. Kiefer Tool & Mold is a manufacturer of custom built industrial hydraulic and pneumatic/air cylinders used in construction equipment, mining equipment, agriculture, forestry and logging, material handling, waste and recycling, oil and gas, snow and ice control, crane and boom trucks, aircraft and airlines, automobile hauling equipment, concrete and asphalt, manufacturing machinery, military transportation, pipe laying, hydraulic presses, amusement park rides, food processing, equipment and civil engineering.  Kiefer Tool also repairs large hydraulic cylinders.  In addition to machining custom cylinders, Kiefer Tool also provides services to repair, refurbish, recondition, rebuild, or retrofit an existing cylinder. Types of cylinders manufactured or serviced by Kiefer Tool include the following;

  • standard cylinders
  • single (plunger cylinders) and double acting cylinders,
  • tie-rod cylinders
  • welded/threaded cylinders (bolted-head cylinders)
  • telescopic/multi-stage cylinders
  • top-link cylinders
  • loader cylinders
  • side-mounted cylinders
  • piggyback cylinders
  • construction grade cylinders
  • differential cylinders
  • position sensing cylinders

2018-2025 Global Single Acting Hydraulic Cylinder Industry Market Research Report
This report studies the global Single Acting Hydraulic Cylinder market status and forecast, categorizes the global Single Acting Hydraulic Cylinder market size (value & volume) by manufacturers, type, application, and region. This report focuses on the top manufacturers in North America, Europe, Japan, China, and other regions (India, Southeast Asia, Central & South America, and Middle East & Africa).  Kiefer Tool & Mold is a manufacturer of custom made industrial hydraulic and pneumatic/air cylinders used in construction equipment, manufacturing machinery and civil engineering.

Global Fluid Cylinder Market Analysis Report 2018 – Precision Hydraulic Cylinders, Parker-Hannifin, Metal Products and Energy Manufacturing
Global Fluid Cylinder Market report analyses current market bearings along with future market scope from 2018 to 2023. Research study helps to analyze the change in market dynamics of Fluid Cylinder, regional market volume, technological innovations and Fluid Cylinder business opportunities in coming years. The report offers key insights to understand the Fluid Cylinder market and meeting you need to the report contents it is segmented into market players, drivers and retainers, Fluid Cylinder market share analysis with product types and application, revenue and gross margin by regions.  Firstly, the report provides a basic overview of Fluid Cylinder market includes definition, product classification, applications and Fluid Cylinder market growth rate history from 2013 to 2017. Fluid Cylinder market share based on product coverage includes ( Double Acting Cylindersh and Single Acting Cylinders) and applications considered in Fluid Cylinder market study includes ( Oil&Gas, Mining, Aerospace&Defense and Automotive). The next portion based on industry chain analysis of Fluid Cylinder market covers raw material suppliers and price analysis, Fluid Cylinder product manufacturing Process and cost structure, production, consumption, emerging countries, Fluid Cylinder industry news and policies by regions.  Top Leading companies and investors of Global Fluid Cylinder Market Include KYB, Eaton, Wipro Infrastructure Engineering, Jiangsu Hengli Hydraulic Cylinder, Precision Hydraulic Cylinders, Dongyang Mechatronics, Caterpillar, Parker-Hannifin, Bosch Rexroth, Metal Products, Weber-Hydraulik, Energy Manufacturing and Pacoma.

Hydraulic Cylinder Outlook
The increased use of electro-hydraulic cylinders will be a major trend that will gain traction during the next four years. Hydraulic cylinders coupled with electronics will eliminate the need for separate hydraulic pumps and tubing, and will offer enhanced accuracy, better functionality, and improved ease of use and control.

Wilmington-based Precision Hydraulic Cylinders Acquired For $85M
A Carthage, Missouri-based company has acquired Precision Hydraulic Cylinders, a global manufacturer of engineered hydraulic cylinders headquartered in Wilmington, for $85 million. Leggett & Platt Inc. acquired Precision Hydraulic Cylinders (PHC) on Jan. 31, according to officials with Leggett & Platt Inc. Susan McCoy, vice president of investor relations for the Missouri company, said Thursday that the firm’s officials have no plans to change the location of PHC’s headquarters or operations in North Carolina. PHC specializes in the supply of hydraulic cylinders to many of the global original equipment manufacturers in the mobile equipment markets, according to the company’s website. McCoy said PHC has corporate and administrative offices in Wilmington.

PE-backed Texas Hydraulics acquires Oilgear
Texas Hydraulics, a portfolio company of Wynnchurch Capital LLC, has acquired The Oilgear Company, a Traverse City, Michigan-based provider of highly engineered hydraulic pumps, valves, systems and aftermarket services for heavy duty applications. No financial terms were disclosed. Founded in 1968, and headquartered in Temple, Texas, Texas Hydraulics is a leading manufacturer of highly engineered, custom-designed hydraulic cylinders, swivels and related components. The Company is known as leading provider of front-end design solutions for the most challenging applications. Texas Hydraulics uses its technical expertise related to valve integration, position sensing technology, large bore and long stroke cylinder manufacturing to provide a differentiated value proposition to its customers. The Company has long-standing relationships with blue-chip OEM customers across a variety of end-markets, including infrastructure, utilities, natural resources and transportation.

Complete Machining of Large Aerospace Parts
Machine Specialties Inc. needed to produce large parts with a constantly increasing degree of complexity. The M120 Millturn from WFL enables the shop to process large components in only one clamping.  Machine Specialties, Inc., or MSI, has been manufacturing precision parts since 1969. They are a leading contract machining and metal finishing specialist that designs and manufactures sophisticated, cost-effective solutions.

Big, Heavy, Awkward Parts Need Workholding, Too
Information on large part machining from https://advancedmanufacturing.org.  Advanced Manufacturing Media is a leading source for news and in-depth technical information about advanced manufacturing in North America. The Kiefer Tool large capacity machine shop services include large part machining, large precision machining, large diameter turning and CNC machining.

Overcome the Large-Part Production Challenge
Manufacturers of large parts surely know the distinct challenges this type of work presents. The parts are heavy, cumbersome and require close machining tolerances. The tools used to machine them can be sizeable. Setups take longer because of all that’s involved with handling big parts and large tools. And machining becomes even more challenging when the parts require multiple operations, such as milling, drilling and boring – all of which typically involve long reach situations.

U.S. Fluid Power Cylinder and Actuator Market – Analysis and Outlook to 2025
Aerospace-type fluid power cylinders and actuators, hydraulic and pneumatic accounted for the highest share (39% in 2016) of U.S. fluid power cylinder and actuator manufacturing, leaving a considerable room for nonaerospace-type hydraulic fluid power cylinders and actuators, linear and rotary (38%).

Types of Machine Shops
November 9, 2017
Machine shops can be small businesses and are often called “job shops“. Some manufacturing companies own their own machine shop and do not need to contract with stand alone machine shops such as Kiefer Tool and Die.

Types of Machine Shops

  • Small Business Machine Shops or Job Shops
  • CNC Machine Shops
  • Large Part Machine Shops
  • In-House Machine Shops at Manufacturing Companies
  • Automotive Machine Shops
  • Educational Machine Shops at Schools and Colleges

High Schools and engineering colleges have machine shops where engineering students use power-driven tools and machine tools to make, finish or repair machine parts or manufacturing equipment. Kiefer Tool and Die frequently repairs machines used by manufacturing companies throughout Ohio, Michigan and Pennsylvania.  Automotive machine shop focus on repairing, restoring and rebuilding engines for cars and trucks.  Automotive machine shops are now using advanced machining technologies to produce automotive parts or to repair vehicles.  Automotive machine shops services include grinding, gear manufacturing, part prototyping, reverse engineering of automotive parts, engine repair, hydraulic repair, shaft repair, five-axis machining and robotic and transfer line automation.  Kiefer Tool and Die does not focus on this line of work but does repair hydraulic components of mobile heavy equipment and construction vehicles. Kiefer Tool and Mold specializes in cutting, drilling, shaping, welding and finishing metals, alloys, steel and other materials by using machine tools. Typical machining tools used by a machine shop include vertical and horizontal boring mills, metal lathes, cranes for large part machining, grinding machines, CNC machines, horizontal and vertical machining centers, vertical shapers (slotters) and keyseaters and hydraulic presses. While Kiefer Tool and Die started as a tool and die maker, the firm has progressed over the years to doing precision and large part machining for manufacturing companies in the Cleveland metropolitan area, or Greater Cleveland.  Since 1965, Kiefer Tool and Die has been a leader in the machine tool industry in Cleveland. Over the years, power operated machine tools and metal-working machines used to make manufacturing equipment helped develop the economic infrastructure of the City of Cleveland, enabled its workforce and propelled industrial growth. The machine tool industry in Cleveland followed in the traditions of east coast manufacturing communities by encouraging top notch engineers and mechanics to set up their own machine shops. Back in 1965 John Kiefer Sr. hauled a 12″ engine lathe, a bridge port milling machine and other equipment behind his home and into his walk out basement. In this 24 sq.ft. space he made replacement components for the bolt making industry and Kiefer Tool & Mold was born. Today, Kiefer Tool manufactures and repairs many types of metal components, hydraulic equipment, shafts, machine tools, dies, and molds. The CNC machines at Kiefer Tool precisely mass-produced parts such as pistons, screws, drivelines and gears.

At One College, Women Engineers Help Reshape The Machine Shop
November 9, 2017
The machine shop is a big deal at the Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering in Needham, Massachusetts. Only about 20 percent of undergraduate engineering degrees in this country go to women. Olin College, a prestigious engineering college is proud to be an outlier: Half its students are women. While the machine shop at Kiefer Tool and Die does not employ any women, females are welcome to apply for a position by clicking here.

A website that the managers at Kiefer Tool and Mold frequently review is CNCReport.com which was created in 2007. For anyone interested in current information about machine tools that are automated by computer numerical controls (CNC), this is one of the best. The site was developed by Jay Pierson, a CNC expert and President of Pierson Workholding. This site provides relevant CNC machine tool industry news, CNC product reviews, editorials on the manufacturing and machining industries and machine shop tips. For industry professionals that want to be experts on the routers, grinders, mills and metal lathes that are controlled by CNC systems, this site is highly recommended.

Machine Tool News from IndustryWeek
This machine tool news source keeps manufacturers and machine shops informed on cutting edge trends and news on machine tool technology, the precision machining industry, manufacturing equipment and factories in the United States.  The Machine Tool News section of the IndustryWeek site provide excellent information for manufacturers who want to stay current with power tool technology, lathe and milling machine advancements and new ways to cut and shape steel, metal and other materials. IndustryWeek is published by Penton which is now part of Informa, a multinational publishing company.

Machining News From TheFabricator.com
TheFabricator.com, a publication of the Fabricators & Manufacturers Association, Intl., provides news on precision machining, machining companies, new machining facilities, machine tool technology, machining industry mergers and acquisitions, machine tools market growth, tooling and machining trade shows, machine shop press releases and much more.

Aerospace Precision Machining and Metal Cutting News
The Aerospace Manufacturing and Design Magazine provides news about aerospace manufacturing, machining and metal cutting. The magazine focuses on aerospace design manufacturing, CNC machining, milling, turning, lathes, precision machining, aerospace components, aerospace materials and aerospace technology.

MachiningNews.com Technology Portal
Machiningnews.com provides news about the latest developments in the machine tool industry. Current information covers topics such as CNC machines, metal technologies, metalworking machines, machining automation and robots, machine tooling, inspection and measuring, computer aided design (CAD) technology and machining industry news.

National Tooling & Machining Association Website

Top Shops Conference 2017

IMTS 2018
International Manufacturing Technology Show, September 10-15, 2018, McCormick Place, Chicago, IL, USA

The Fabricator Magazine

Production Machining
The online extension of Production Machining magazine and the most comprehensive Web site available for high volume precision machining professionals.

Modern Machine Shop Magazine

Top 5 Vendors in the 5-Axis CNC Machining Centers Market from 2017 to 2021: Technavio

Forming Press, Machine Tool and Machine Shop Services