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Kiefer Tool and Mold machines and repairs large industrial shafts for roll forming machines, rolls, rollers, spindles and shafts that are components of manufacturing machines and roll forming equipment.  With over 50 years of experience in the manufacturing industry, in that time our machining company has developed processes that allow us to be precise, efficient and cost effective in the repairing of shafts, spindles and rollers. The years of experience has also exposed our engineering staff to all kinds of different equipment and machines, along with various component applications and designs. With a large capacity machine shop, welding department, and a 30 ton crane; our facility is outfitted to repair, retrofit, and recondition shafts, spindles and rollers of all shapes, sizes and quantities. Repairs and reconditioning services include bushing replacements, bore weld repair & reconditioning, gear box repair and reconditioning, shaft straightening & reconditioning, resurfacing, shaft or bore sleeves. To learn about the types of equipment used to repair large and heavy shafts, spindles and rollers, click here.

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  • Shaft, spindle, and roller repair services range in cost from $100.00 to $150.00 per hour. Click Here for more information on repair and machining prices.


The following list contains a few examples of machines or components we repair shafts, spindles or rollers for manufacturing equipment. For a complete detail of our facility’s capacity please check out our machining page here .

Our facility has experience and capabilities of  welding and machining various stainless and alloy steels used in heat treating furnaces. Services we provide include repair and reconditioning of fan blades and hubs, straightening and re-manufacturing shafts, repair and reconditioning of bearing housings and assemblies.

Our turn key facility is built to manufacture and repair heavy manufacturing equipment like tow motor manipulators, dredging equipment like shafts and impellers, and other large components. In addition to our full service machine shop we have welding and fabricating capabilities to create full assemblies for “ready to install” components. Components we service include gear box assemblies, shafts, gripper pads and pins, bearing blocks, and more.

From repairs to newly manufactured items, our facility is outfitted to fabricate, machine and assemble components for rolling mills including rollers, bearing blocks, and gear boxes.