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Large Diameter Machining, Vertical Boring and Turning 

Kiefer Tool provides large diameter machining, vertical boring and turning services. Services include precision conventional and CNC large diameter turning services for large, heavy and long parts. Our extensive equipment capacity for boring & turning allows us to tackle designs large in diameter and long lengths. With both manual drive machinery and CNC capabilities, we can provide the most efficient process to be cost and time effective for your turning and milling requirements for large diameter workpieces and big manufacturing equipment components.

Our machining processes include line boring, large part vertical boring, large diameter turning, hydraulic cylinder boring, custom thread turning, and grooving are some of the operations we can complete to meet your design specifications. Kiefer Tool specializes in large part machining and custom hydraulic cylinder manufacturing.  Commonly manufactured materials include low carbon and high alloy steels, stainless steel, bronze and brass, titanium, and copper. To learn about equipment used for large diameter turning and boring operations, click here.

Large Lathe Machining Services For U.S. Manufacturing Businesses And Heavy Industry Firms

Kiefer Tool does large lathe machining and metalworking for manufacturing companies that are located throughout the lower 48 states. Most of the large lathe machining work performed by Kiefer Tool is done for firms located in the “Rust Belt“. Our machinists do heavy duty lathe work, such as cutting and turning enormous workpieces, using large capacity Monarch lathes, industrial CNC lathes and manual South Bend lathes. We hold extremely tight tolerances when we machine long parts and large diameter industrial components. Our machinists are experts at machining and milling really hard metals and alloys precisely. Kiefer Tool’s large capacity machine shop is outfitted with various multi-spindle lathes, center lathes, Baileigh Industrial lathes, CNC turning centers, turret lathes, Bridgeport toolroom and metalworking lathes, Bolton bench top lathes and Swiss-style lathes.

Additional Information About Large Part Machining and Large Part Repair Services

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  • Vertical boring and milling services start at $100.00 per hour. Click Here for more information on machining prices.

Operations Equipment List

The following list is the equipment and their capacities that we would use to complete any boring and milling operations.

74″ diameter table,  82″ diameter of swing, and 48” cutting range under the head, with tracing & threading capabilities.

42″ diameter table, 50″ diameter of swing, 30” of cutting range under the head.

32″ diameter of swing, 20″ diameter over the carriage, 192″ length between centers.

20″ Diameter swing, 10″ over the carriage, 80″ between the centers.

24″ diameter swing, 14″ above the carriage, 60″ between the centers.

20″ diameter swing, 10″ diameter over the carriage, 30″ lg. between the centers.

36″ of swing, 20″ over the carriage, 20′ between the centers.

18”diameter of swing, 10″ over the carriage, 60″ lg. between the centers.